We are delighted to offer the following adult education classes this year.





Fall Quarter – 2019 (Sep-Nov)

➞ Christian Marriage
Single or married, we all benefit from a proper understanding of Christian marriage. This class is for adults, offering a doctrinal and practical discussion of marriage and applying insights from scripture as well as a puritan patriarch named William Gouge.  Taught by Chad Van Dixhoorn.  Meeting in the auditorium.

➞ Called to be Peacemakers
Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.’  The goal of this class is to grow as peacemakers in Christ’s Body.  We’ll consider scripture’s teaching on conflict, reconciliation, confession, forgiveness, and church discipline.  Taught by Jeremy Brandenburg.  Meeting at the Smiths’ house.

➞ Leadership in the Church
This class is for Calvary’s officer interns.  We will look closely at the doctrine, worship, and government of Calvary OPC.  Taught by Pastor Sallade.  Meeting in Pastor’s Sallade’s study.

Winter Quarter – 2019/20 (Dec-Feb)

➞ Every Day Matters: A Biblical Approach to Productivity
This class will discuss productivity from a biblical perspective. It will consider wisdom literature and Paul’s letters, as well as key steps to help you make the most of the time God has given you.  Taught by Brandon Crowe.  Meeting in the auditorium. 

➞ Membership Class
For all interested in church membership (8 week class).  Learn more about Calvary’s doctrine, worship, government, and what makes us tick as a congregation.  Taught by Mark Sallade.  Meeting place TBD.   

Spring Quarter – 2020 (March-May)

➞ Glory in Our Midst: A Study of the Book of Zechariah
The book of Zechariah contains a message to God's people who, after experiencing deliverance from exile, still struggle with doubt, discouragement and despair. In what felt like a "day of small things," Zechariah provides a message of faith and hope still relevant today.  Taught by Stephen Coleman.  Meeting place TBD. 

➞ Women’s Class - TBD
Grow with sisters in Christ, while studying together, topic still TBD.  Meeting in Fellowship Hall. 

Summer Quarter – 2020 (June-Aug)

➞ Hymns We Love
A summer favorite!  We gather to study a variety of hymns, one each week, considering their authors, music, history, and theology.  Taught by Joseph Waggoner.  Meeting in Auditorium.




Children’s classes use materials from Great Commission Publications, which provide Christ-centered, age-appropriate instruction.

➞ Under 2.  During Sunday school, the nursery is staffed for newborns to age 2.

➞ 2 year olds

➞ 3 year olds

➞ 4-5 year olds

➞ Young Elem, 1st-2nd

➞ Middle Elem, 3rd-5th

➞ Junior High, 6th-8th

➞ Senior High, 9th-12th